NYS Department of Corrections

Prison System to Temporarily Consolidate Under-Populated Inmate Housing Units, Providing Taxpayer Savings With No Job Losses or Transfers

The New York State Department of Correctional Services (DOCS) plans to temporarily consolidate 22 under-populated inmate housing units at 17 prisons in response to the State’s continuing inmate population decline.

The move, scheduled to be implemented over the next couple of weeks, will achieve additional savings for State taxpayers by allowing DOCS to leave the 22 housing units unstaffed and empty. Inmates from the vacated units will be transferred to vacant beds in other, staffed housing units. No beds will be added. Correction Officers assigned to the vacated units will be reassigned to vacant posts elsewhere in their current facility. Continue reading “NYS Department of Corrections”

Eligibility Requirements

 Essential requirements:

  • 18 years old or older or an eligible juvenile bound over to adult court;
  • On community control supervision, basic or intensive;
  • Ambulatory, wheelchair mobile, emotionally stable, and capable of fully participating, comprehending,and engaging in the program;and
  • Not an individual whose history, character, and condition reveal a current substantial risk that he/she will be a danger to others and whose conduct has been characterized by a pattern of repetitive or compulsive or aggressive behavior with heedless indifference to the consequences.

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Unit Support Supervisor

AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Under the direction of the deputy director of programs, develops and delivers resident disciplinary system as well as the resident activity and family programs. Assists unit managers as needed in implementing programs and program integrity and ensuring unit cleanliness and functionality. Supervises basic training and drug educaton staff and programs. Continue reading “Unit Support Supervisor”