Resident Permitted Items and One-Time Drop Offs

Residents may only have the following necessary items.

Clothing should be appropriate for the facility, job seeking, employment and community service.

All hygiene items must be alcohol free and come into the facility in UNOPENED containers.

These items must all come in together, items will only be approved one time and any future items must be purchased through the commissary. Items purchased through the commissary can only be purchased in quantities set by the facility.

Item Qty. Item Qty.
Dress Pants, Slacks, Jeans, OR Shorts to incl. work clothes 7 Belt (no big buckles) 1
Sweat Pants 1 Wallet and/or small purse 1
Plain T-Shirts (any color) 7 Wrist watch (less than $100) 1
Mid-thigh or longer length shorts 1 ID (DL, State ID, Green Card) 1
Bra (NO underwire) Females 5 Social Security Card 1

Underwear or panties (NO thongs)

Ball Point Pen 6
Thermal underwear (“long johns”) 1 Writing tablets(no metal) 3
Panty hose (females only) 2 Writing pencils 5
Socks 7 Colored pencils 12
Tops (NO jerseys, NO sleeveless) 5 Envelopes 50
Windbreaker/ Jacket 1 Postage stamps 30
Winter Coat 1 Wedding band (if married) 1
Hat 1 Religious medal (kept in pocket) 1
Ear Muffs 1 Religious book (no satanic books) 1


1 Recovery Book 3
Tennis Shoes /Sneakers 1 Ponytail holders (no metal) 10
Work Shoes or Boots 1 Blow Dryer (females only) 1
Dress Shoes (enclosed toe and heel/no higher than 1 inch heel) 1 Brush 1
House slippers 1 Comb 1
Skull cap 1 Nail or toenail clipper (no file) 1
Dress/Skirt or Suit coat/sport coat (more permitted if work-related 1 Plastic hangers 10
Dress scarves or ties 2 Foam rollers for hair 24
Robe (mid-calf length) 1 Pictures (alcohol, drugs, gangs, porn)
Pajamas 1 Hair relaxer. 1st used within 1st 10 days. 2nd to be used within 10 days of commissary 1
Cordless (Battery Operated) Beard Trimmer                1 Hooded Sweatshirt (for outdoor use only) 1

Residents may have one of each item listed below dropped off during the one-time drop off:

1 Hand & Body lotion                  1 Toothbrush                                 1 Toothpaste
1 Shampoo                                 1 Conditioner                                 1 Face moisturizer
1 Solid Deodorant                       1 Hair Oil                                       1 Gel or mouse
1 Mouthwash (non-alcohol)         1 Shaving cream (non-aerosol)     1 Foot powder,cream
1 Hairspray (non-aerosol)            1 Pack of disposable razors          1- 6 ct. pack of bar soap
1 Soap dish                                 1 Toothbrush holder                      1- pair of “odor eaters

1  Body Wash
1  Dryer Sheets


1 Box tampons
1 Box sanitary napkins
1 Lipstick
1 Eye liner
1 Foundation (plastic container only)
1 Eye shadow
1 Mascara
1 Blush
1 Curling Iron
Hairdye may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Drop Off Times:

Drop offs are accepted Tue- Fri from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and Sat/Sun from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
(if there is a holiday on Monday, you may not drop off items until Wednesday)

Exchanges are to be made on Tue-Fri from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and
Sat/Sun 8:00am to 1:00pm