Telephone Privileges

Telephone Privileges

Residents in our program are provided with one (1) free telephone call the day they arrive at CBCF.

All other calls must be made through our collect call telephones located on the resident halls.  These telephones are equipped for OUTGOING CALLS ONLY and family and/or friends MUST accept the charges in order for the call to connect.  ALL phone calls should be limited to fifteen minutes and placed during leisure time.  Residents may use staff phones only with staff permission and only for program purposes.  Residents MAY NOT receive personal incoming calls on staff telephones.  The phone number to the facility may be left with family and/ or friends for emergency purposes only.

Telephone Passes:

If residents need to use staff telephones they may request a phone pass from their own Case Manager by turning in a Request for Conference Request Form (Call Card).

1.  The phone passes are to be issued for the following reasons ONLY:

2.  Calls are to be limited to five (5) minutes in length and if you do not reach the intended party then no other calls will be made.

*** Telephone passes are to be given to residents during normal business hours only when calls cannot be made from the case manager’s office.